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Praise God for Balanced Teaching!

by Marty Copeland | Testimonies | No Comments »

Praise God!  I want to let you know about my victory with your teaching!  I am the typical “tried dozens of diets but short term results” people.  The last diet I tried (and will ever try) was a popular no carb, a lot of protein diet.  I did have quick results but not only could I not imagine eating mostly meats the rest of my life, I was having side effects.  But Glory to God – as I was “wrestling” with the desire to lose weight vs. the side effects of the diet, I came across your balanced teaching.  I had immediate results!  Not just weight loss, but an increased desire for knowledge, control over my body, and a desire for receiving from God. In the first 7 weeks time, I am increasing in my knowledge of scripture and wisdom.  I have planted and harvested self-control, lost my desire for chocolate, and am receiving freedom from my desire for diet soda.  I have lost 13 pounds and 8 ½ inches and have fun shopping now!  Praise God for His wisdom and gift He gave you to share with your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Jesus is Lord!  Sue

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