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God Loves You the Way You Are Right Now!

by Marty Copeland | Testimonies | 1 Comment »

When Marty initially asked me to be in the work out video I immediately burst into tears because I felt ashamed and unlovely. However Marty ministered to me and encouraged me to be in the workout video. She said, “God loves you the way you are right now and you should love yourself right now.” I asked God did He really ask her to ask me to be in the Video and He said to me yes. I said, “You have got to be joking! God, have you seen me lately?” Well, I agreed. Participating in the video has help me to love myself no matter what I weigh. I received such an impartation of Grace, from Marty, that has strengthen me on the inside and caused me to build physical strength and endurance. I received such a fresh revelation of how much God loves me and wants me to love myself regardless of what I weigh. During the project Marty encouraged me to confess “I love myself the way I am right now” several times a day. I did that and have continued to do so. I received an impartation of grace and now it seems so easy to lose weight and stay consistent with an exercise program. Glory to God I am experiencing Higher Fitness everyday of my life as a result of participating in this workout project.


One Response to “God Loves You the Way You Are Right Now!”

  1. Hello Marty,I have just watched you on Live today and you have given me, through Christ Jesus such revelation on my weight problem. Thank you for sharing your struggle and giving me the knowledge to continue and be victorious.
    In Christ


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