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Daily Devotions in From Faith to Fit Challenge

by Marty Copeland | Testimonies | 5 Comments »

What a great opportunity I feel I have been blessed with in this challenge. I wanted to give a piece of advice that I discovered –I spend my morning hours in my own study and devotion so I was thinking about when I wanted to fit in Marty’s devotion….great idea — in the evening when I have run out of calories for the day, I get really hungry (or bored) and want to munch, that’s when I have chosen to do the devotion (for me it’s about 8 pm. that this hits) to get my focus on God and off of my flesh.I hope this helps anyone who may be like me and gets that evening urge to splurge!!!

5 Responses to “Daily Devotions in From Faith to Fit Challenge”

  1. i enjoy walking with u mornings. have a blessed life.

  2. I love your fitness tape. It is the best! Great instruction on the moves and very motivational. I am a beginner but have started to watch and do some of the moves that the interrmediates are doing. I am beginning on week 2 and have worked up to 2 of the abs,core, pilates a week and sticking w/the 3 of the cardio a week. Thanks again. I can feel it!

  3. I like to hear words that can make me spiritually fit.

  4. I enjoy having devotionals every morning, they keep me spiritually fit for the day.

  5. That is a great idea! I will try this! I’d like to begin this method. Please pray for me to trumph over this health problem that I’ve struggled and prayed about for 20+ years?!

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