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A Success Story

by Marty Copeland | Testimonies | No Comments »

I have been overweight most of my life.  The Lord has done wonders in this past year teaching and training me on how to break those generational curses and learn new God-honoring behaviors regarding food and emotions.  Part of that training has been your Top Ten book which a friend gave me a few months ago.  I have done all the infomercial DVD programs, bought the equipment, and actually been faithful to push my hardest on the routine and eating plans but NEVER did I see any results.  HOWEVER, after the Lord changed my relationship to food and taught me how to choose nutritious whole foods, I started doing your Top Ten circuit and walking/jogging twice a week.  I have been doing this for almost 2 months and I simply cannot describe the results!!!  I have never felt this good, this strong, this healthy!  I have also NEVER seen my body change so quickly.  I threw out the scale a while back, but I don’t feel that I’m losing much weight.  However, I AM seeing wonderful results in the way my shape is changing and my clothes are fitting!  Thanks so much for your faithfulness and obedience and for your ministry!!!

Submitted by Rachel

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