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Stop the Weight Loss Cycle

by Marty Copeland | Exercise, Featured, Nutrition/Weight Loss, Spirit/Soul, Top Resources | 2 Comments »

While a few extra pounds may not cheat us from many of the health benefits of exercise, if we have a past dealing with low self-esteem or poor body image, an extra 10 or 15 pounds can play havoc with our emotions. If we remain emotionally frustrated over a long enough period of time, it can be devastating to our goals and detrimental to our health. It is at this very point that we must decide to either change our strategy or to quit. I used to quit, take a break, and start the weight-loss cycle all over again. My idea of changing strategies was to find a new diet. Sometimes I would reach my goal weight and sometimes I wouldn’t. When I did, it was “but for a moment,” and then I would revert to my old habits and gain the weight again. I finally discovered the spiritual, mental, and physical balance required to defeat this issue once and for all.

As I focused on spiritual growth and thinking about what God’s Word says about me, I became so empowered spiritually and emotionally that I gained control over my eating and exercise habits. I was then equipped to successfully achieve my goals. I soon realized that an important part of enjoying a healthy lifestyle includes feeling good about who you are—spirit, soul, and body.

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  2. Thank you! I’ve been carrying an extra 10 pounds for years and it is amazing how it affects my outlook. Your articles are great and very encouraging to push me to make changes.

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