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Interval Training

by Marty Copeland | Exercise, Top Resources | 4 Comments »

If you have hit a plateau and have stopped seeing positive changes in your fitness, you may have to “surprise” your body in order to continue achieving the fitness benefits you desire.  You will literally be shocking your body off the plateau.

How do you do that? Interval training.  It consists of short bursts of activity mixed into the aerobic activity you are doing.  If you normally go for a brisk walk every day, your interval workout would consist of brisk walking mixed with short bursts of jogging.  Your jogging workout would consist of increasing your speed for 1 to 2 minutes in the midst of your regular jogging.  Do this several times a week and your body will notice the change!

4 Responses to “Interval Training”

  1. This has really helped me get past a plateau I was dealing with. Thanks!

  2. Interval training is such an easy way to kick it up a notch. Good advice-thanks!

  3. Good info. I like the fact that I can do short bursts of running. It helps me push through knowing it’s only for 2 minutes each time.

  4. Ive been doing interval training for a few months now, as I walk/jog in my workouts. It’s amazing how quickly I have been able to do more intervals in a workout, and jog even longer at a time. My weight has dropped a bit faster too. Love it.

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