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Outsmarting Temptation

by Marty Copeland | Nutrition/Weight Loss | No Comments »

Keep in mind that when temptations come—God always makes a way of escape! When it’s time to eat and the temptation to fall into previous habits creeps in, what can you do? Well, in addition to praying and sowing to the Spirit, when you are tempted to reach for something that “looks” good at the moment, stop and think about what a person living a healthy lifestyle would choose to eat.

Remember, it’s okay to have an occasional treat. And actually, it’s acquiring the ability to have one small treat and then stop that is a vital part of achieving permanent results. In order for weight loss to be successful, it must also be do-able. Feeling deprived all the time can lead to frustration and a temptation to quit altogether. A great rule of thumb is to shoot for eating healthy food 85 percent of the time each day. Having a treat or something you like (while still watching caloric intake) will make this process much more enjoyable. For example, I sometimes have a small piece of dark chocolate, half a protein bar or a Kashi cookie with my afternoon tea. The key is moderation and avoiding your treats late in the day.  As you acquire a taste for healthier foods, your desire for unhealthy snacks will be replaced with a desire for healthy “treats”.

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