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Be In Control

by Marty Copeland | Featured, Healthy Eating, Nutrition/Weight Loss, Top Resources | 2 Comments »

Feast or famine is not a good strategy. I talked about that a few weeks ago – that’s how I used to be.  My experience has been that not eating throughout the day in anticipation of an evening meal can be a goal-breaker. Either from not eating enough calories during the day, or from the smells and visual stimulation of when you walk into a restaurant, my physical desire for food would overcome my mental desire not to overeat. No matter how much self-control you have, it is not wise to show up at a restaurant feeling as though you are starving and wanting to eat two of everything you see!

I encourage you to plan ahead, anticipate your emotions and hunger when entering a restaurant.  The aroma coming from the kitchen and walking past people who already have been served, and seeing all the wonderful looking meals will all try to sabotage your goals.  So, have a small snack before you even leave to go out to dinner. Don’t show up famished!

You—not your appetite—will be in control of the situation.

2 Responses to “Be In Control”

  1. Very helpful

  2. This is just what I needed to hear. We don’t eat out very often and this will help me plan ahead so I don’t overdue. I tend to indulge because its a rare treat to go out. Thank you!

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